Day 92: Monday, 20 August, 1984

Got up at 7 a.m. and had breakfast with Kevin and Sheila. Packed up quickly and took off. I rode for a while and then stopped to phone "the media".

Then I continued up the road, on some of the back roads of the area. I think it was somewhat longer that way. This is evident from the rather long mileage for the day. 150 km is a reasonable day.

It was rainy almost all day. At about 5:15 I stopped at Oromocto to phone and get directions to Barb and Craig F.'s [friends of our family] house. Also called a few media people for fun.

Then carried on--into and out of Fredericton. Supper was waiting when I got here. Had two radio phone interviews. Dad called from S.'s house in Winnipeg, too. [S.s are Barb's parents.]

Saint John to Fredericton, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 9,587.6 km
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