Day 91: Sunday, 19 August, 1984

Got up bright and early, ate, packed up quickly, and barrelled down the hill back to the road. I went along for a while. Tried calling a radio station at 10:30, but the person I was supposed to talk to wasn't there. So I headed for the ferry.

I didn't have time to stop at the tidal power project. In fact, I started watching the time, pushing harder and harder. Finally made the ferry with three minutes to spare (next one would have been 7 1/2 hours later).

Crossed and rode up to Kevin and Sheila H.'s house (friends of Barb and Craig F. [who are old friends of our family]). They took me along to a barbecue and I enjoyed the mob of people there.

Bridgetown, N.S., to Saint John, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 9,435.8 km
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