What I Took

I managed to dig out my old packing list from the trip.  What I actually took diverged somewhat from the list, and I've tried to re-create the reality from memory as well as I could.  You'll see that I travelled fairly heavy.  For a shorter trip, I'd certainly take less, but with the prospect of spending 3 1/2 months solo, living on a bike, I remember feeling that I needed a few comforts.  You'll also note that some of the items I took have become kind of obsolete.  Not many people will be using a freewheel remover these days, for example.  I'm sure you can adjust for that, however.

Before I get into the list, I thought I'd give a couple of high points:

The List:

Bike Accessories:


Spare Parts:

First Aid Kit:

You can buy one if you want.  I'd make sure you at least have:

Camping Stuff:

Cooking Stuff:


Sewing Kit:


So that's the list.  You can certainly get by with less.  I could have.  This was a heavy load.  If you're travelling with others, you can use just one tool kit for everyone and share some of the other things, too.  Otherwise, take my list and adapt it to your purposes.  Remember the general rule:  when in doubt, leave it out.

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