Day 102: Thursday, 30 August, 1984

Well, it wasn't a completely restful night. I should have brought my Ensolite pad up. Would have been more comfortable. Oh well, I got some sleep. Met the three cyclists for breakfast and we got off the ship together.

My rear tire was slowly leaking, so I pumped it up now and then. The four of us travelled together as fas as the Trans-Canada Highway. Stopped for lunch along the way.

The Australian woman, Joyce D., and I rode north from the Trans-Canada and the other two rode east on the Trans-Canada. We reached Joyce's campsite about 6:30 p.m. and stopped for a beer.

Then I rode onwards. Eventually had to fix my tire. It was going flat too fast. Arrived at Salmon Cove beach at 11 p.m.

The Sydney-Argentia Ferry to Salmon Cove, Nfld.
Trip Odometer: 10,657.3 km
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