Day 94: Wednesday, 22 August, 1984

I got up, had a quick breakfast, and blasted down to the ferry terminal. I made it with over ten minutes to spare. Had a very relaxing trip across.

I rode out of Digby and down the coast towards Annapolis Royal. Took a short cut at one point (down an eight-foot cliff!) Soon I got to the tidal power exhibit. Spent some time there--pretty interesting.

Then I took off up Hwy 8. Climbed over the backbone of Nova Scotia. Not too many people in this area.

Eventually I stopped and phoned Dad and Linda S. [another CUSOBOT]. The phone didn't work--I reached the operator by pressing the hook switch. I rode on till I found a little picnic place and stopped there.

Saint John, N.B., to Ten Mile Lake, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 9,903.6 km
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