Day 84: Sunday, 12 August, 1984

I got up late and read for a while before taking off. Felt somewhat lazy, so I didn't leave till 1 p.m.

Rode to the ferry. Had to wait till the 4:30 one, so I called Dad. They have a really dumb line-up procedure at that ferry. Hurry up and wait.

After I crossed I rode to Summerside. Things are pretty close together here.

When I was buying a few groceries there I met a motorcyclist who I had also met on Manitoulin Island on 11 July. Amazing coincidence.

I pushed on to Cavendish. Rode fairly late, but I was able to cook quite well because the shelter in the campground was lighted.

Near Sackville, N.B., to Cavendish, P.E.I.
Trip Odometer: 8,786.4 km
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