Day 80: Wednesday, 8 August, 1984

This morning I found the burner of my stove. It had landed 35 feet away. So I had a cold breakfast. Read quite a bit of Don Quixote before departing.

I rode into New Brunswick after about 10 km. Got to Campbelltown and shopped for a stove. Got a one-burner Coleman Peak 1 for $44. It's not as small and doesn't burn unleaded gas (or it's not recommended). [But, you know, in retrospect I can't honestly say that the other one burned unleaded gas very successfully. After all, it did explode, didn't it? They say you can do it in Europe, because the additives in the gasoline over there are different and the seals in the stove don't fall apart like mine did. Oh well, fortunately I lived and learned.]

I rode on along the coast of New Brunswick. I sure move along the little map quickly. Almost got to Bathurst. I cooked supper on my new stove and found it much easier to use. It's also quieter. Then set up the tent and hit the hay.

Matapedia, Que., to near Bathurst, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 8,272.1 km
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