Day 69: Saturday, 28 July, 1984

Got up about 6:30 and had breakfast. Headed off towards Montreal at 8 a.m., with Mom and Dad on the scooter accompanying me.

After I left them I carried on down the north side of the river. Moved rather fast. I was at Montebello by 12:30. After Grenville I got off onto a small secondary road.

Got to St. Eustache about 7 p.m. or so and then started finding my way through Montreal traffic. I didn't actually get to Linda P.'s [friend from Saskatoon--Blair P.'s sister] place till 9:30.

Wow. 215 km. By far the longest day of the trip.

I devoured four hunks of chicken and lots of other stuff. Had a shower and Linda was home when I got out. Talked to her for a while and then collapsed.

Ottawa, Ont., to Montreal, Que.
Trip Odometer: 7,283.3 km
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