Day 31: Wednesday, 20 June, 1984

Slept in till about ten today. Had some pork chops this morning. Really good. I should do that more often.

I was pretty late leaving and felt pretty lazy. I was against the wind all the way to Roblin and I kept stopping to rest. I think I was a bit rundown or something.

I had originally planned to go right to Dauphin, but I decided to stop just short of Grandview. Still a 98.6 km day. Tomorrow will be about 120 I guess.

I was planning to phone Katja H. [friend from Saskatoon], but there was no phone at the campground, as usual. I overate at supper. Didn't get rained on, though.

Duck Mountain, Sask., to Grandview, Man.
Trip Odometer: 3,630.9 km
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