Day 23: Tuesday, 12 June, 1984

I slept in this morning, because of the late ride last night. Of course, I didn't get away until 11:30 or so. I had to deal with a tire bump after a few km. Faulty tube, I think. I changed to another tube.

Kept moseying along. A Park Conservation Officer stopped to check on me before I got to Goodsoil! Radio station was looking for me. So I got him to check on construction for me. To avoid it I turned north and went on gravel roads through the park. Nice road.

Went skinny dipping to cool off at Mustus Lake. Rode on into the evening. Got to Meadow Lake and tried to find the Regional Park. Ended up setting up in a piece of grass beside the road.

Cold Lake, Alta., to Meadow Lake, Sask.
Trip Odometer: 2,705.0 km
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