Babysitting Co-op Rules

Oct 92



  1. Membership is limited to 20 families.
  2. Members must live within [specified boundaries] to allow for convenient transportation of children.
  3. New members will pay $2 upon joining to cover original copying costs, mailing, etc. All families pay $2 at each April general meeting. Dues at the October meeting will be $0, $1, or $2 depending on a formula that ensures the treasury is at least $40, but doesn't get too large. If a member does not get their dues to the chair prior to the end of the month of the general meeting, the amount due will be doubled. Dues are used for copying, postage, office supplies, and babysitting for the general meeting.
  4. Members who don't use the co-op (sitting and gadding) five times in a period of three months will be asked to drop from the co-op (under discretion of chair when there is no waiting list, or for extenuating circumstances).
  5. Each member gives one hour to the secretary at the beginning of each month.
  6. Initiation or termination of co-op membership is handled through the chair where effective dates are made official.


  1. Chairperson
    1. Term of office - six months. Elected at general meeting.
    2. Eligibility - prior service as secretary.
    3. Receives one hour from each member at the end of the term.
    4. Duties:
      1. Holds meetings in April and October. Organizes one social gathering per term with assistance of secretaries during chairperson's term.
      2. Assigns secretary for each month, by rotation through the members. After the current secretary finishes a month their name goes to the end of the list. New members joining during the month are put on the list before the current secretary's next assignment.
      3. Audits books every three months (March, June, September, and December).
      4. Interprets rules and acts as arbitrator.
      5. Acquaints new members with co-op procedures.
      6. Collects dues and acts as treasurer.
      7. Keeps membership lists current and maintains waiting list.
      8. Checks with members who are not using the co-op.
      9. Assists secretary in balancing of books, if necessary.
  2. Secretary
    1. Term of office - one month.
    2. Eligibility - six months of active co-op membership.
    3. Receives one hour from each member at the beginning of the month.
    4. Duties:
      1. Keeps cumulative record of sits and reports balances to members no later than the 10th of the following month.
      2. Advises members of those who need to sit and gad, any new members, terminating members, and who the next month's secretary will be.
      3. Prepares the incoming secretary's tally sheet and turns books over to the new secretary by the 10th of the month.
      4. Lists any calls reported after the books are balanced as late calls in the new month.

General Rules

  1. Members arrange their own sitting time with other members.
  2. Children will be sitter's main responsibility and will be under his/her constant care. Sitting will normally occur in sitter's home (rather than gadder's), although other arrangements can be made.
  3. Sitter may not leave home, transport children in car, or leave children in the care of another without permission of gadder, except in extreme emergency.
  4. No spanking or hitting a child. Any discipline problems should be discussed with the parents.
  5. Sitter and gadder determine and agree on hours to be reported at the end of each sit. Each member reports detailed sitting and gadding hours (per family, per day) to the secretary at the end of the month or no later than the 2nd of the following month, even if the co-op was not used for the month. Having members report hours as accurately and quickly as possible is crucial for the secretary to balance the books and report correct hours back to members.
  6. Fifteen (15) minutes or more is counted as 1/2 hour.
  7. An overnight sit is from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. and counts as six hours unless night feedings are necessary.
  8. No member may accumulate more than 35 hours to the good or fall 25 hours in the hole, except for extenuating circumstances that should be approved by the chairperson.
  9. Cancellations of sit should be made six hours in advance of sit, if possible.
  10. Out of town guests or relatives may use co-op, but the member will be charged for the hours as if the guest or relative were a separate family.
  11. New members will be charged one hour for the secretary if they join before the 20th of the month.
  12. Before terminating co-op membership, the member's balance must be brought to zero. If this cannot be done through sitting or gadding, hours may be bought or sold to other members for $1 per hour. Both members' records are then adjusted for the bought/sold hours.
  13. Terminating members will continue to be charged for secretary hours until they officially notify chairperson of termination and bring their balance to zero. Therefore, termination should be planned prior to the end of the month to limit secretary hour accumulation.
  14. Members must keep accurate daily records of their sitting and gadding. A convenient way to do this is to write the information on a calendar so it is readily available to report to the secretary at the end of the month. At least keep the information until the secretary calls back with your balance, in case errors have been made.
  15. It is the reponsibility of every member of the co-op to be sure you would recommend any potential member before suggesting they notify the chairperson regarding joining.
  16. It is advisable that members carry liability insurance, as covered by most homeowners' or renters' insurance policies, to cover the expense of injury or accident to other children in your home.

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